Our spotlight is shining this month on the HHS Green Champion Awards

On Monday June 6th 2011 the HHS announced the FY2010 Green Champion Award winners. The HHS Green Champions Awards recognize exceptional efforts in promoting sustainable operations within the Department of Health and Human Services. This year’s winning nominations recognized individuals, small groups and organizations.

These awards are given for efforts in the areas o​f electronic stewardship, energy and water conservation, environmental management, green procurement, sustainable stewardship, sustainable buildings, and transportation and fleet management.

  • Congratulations to the 10 NIH awardees: Good Neighbor- Small group Honorable Mention: NIH/Stoney Creek Pond
  • Change Agents – Individual Award Winner: NIH – Green Labs Fairs
  • Electronic Stewardship/Data Center Consolidation – Small Group Award Winner: NIH/ Data Center Multi-Institute Consol, and Organization Award Winner: NIH/NIH End-of-Life Electronic Stewardship
  • Environmental Stewardship – Organization Honorable Mention: NIH/ Waste Diversion Through Composting and Small Group Award Winner: NIH/ Construction Debris Recycling Program
  • Energy and Fleet Management (Scope 1&2 GSG Reduction) – Small Group Award Winner: NIH – Building 2 Eco Strip Installation
  • Green Procurement – Individual Award Winner: NIH - Green Office Management
  • Sustainable Facilities, Buildings, and Site Planning – Small Group Honorable Mention: NIH – Master Plan Study
  • Water Conservation – Small Group Award Winner: NIH – Water Resource Management
  • There will be more detailed information to come on the NEMS website​ within the next 2 weeks.