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​​​​​NOTICE: The COVID-19 pandemic has required changes be made to the protocol for collecting waste. These changes prioritize the health and safety of NIH staff and our waste contractors. ​ Read about the changes here​.

The 2023 NIH Earth Day will occur in late April on various NIH campuses. Support the environment by attending your local event! More/Pages/earthday.aspx
The Division of Environmental Protection has updated the NIH Waste Disposal Guide. This new version contains various changes to account for law revisions, new programs, editted procedures for waste collection and more. There are also new sections like the Laboratory Waste Disposal Matrix. More/environmental-programs/Documents/Waste_Disposal_Guide.pdf
The NIH has created a hazardous waste search table to assist with filling out the NIH Chemical Waste Tag. This table indicates the hazards associated with a single waste component in a format similar to the Chemical Waste Tag. Visit the Search Table page to begin your search! More/environmental-programs/Pages/hazardous-waste.aspx
The NIH has developed a new chemical waste tag to be adopted and used immmediately. This tag conforms with changes to local waste management regulations and introduces hazard pictograms to ease the difficulty of filling out the tag. More/environmental-programs/Pages/Chemical-Waste-Tag.aspx

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April 27, 202311/12/2021Article image/Pages/earthday.aspx
Open until May 15, 20239/23/2021Article image/sustain/Pages/Freezer-Challenge.aspx
Closed November 30, 202211/12/2021Article image/green-teams/Pages/NIH-Green-Labs-Program.aspx
November 14-18, 20229/23/2021/environmental-programs/Pages/ARD.aspx
October 27, 20229/23/2021/Pages/Green_Labs_Fair.aspx

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