It's Our Turn to Lead

Thursday, April 23th

10 am – 2 pm, Front lawn of Building 1

NIH Earth Day at the Bethesda Campus will be a celebration with activities and information for NIH employees, contractors, visitors, and children here for Take Your Child to Work Day.

NIH employees at local offsite locations may wish to take advantage of the extra shuttles that day.

This is a NIH Zero Waste Event! All waste will be composted or recycled.
Photographs from previous NIH Earth Days.
2013 Earth Day Picture 1
Earth Day Recycling Station
NIH Credit Union Mascot Dog "KC"
The Noisey Planet Wheel
Earth Day Animals
Owl at Earth Day
Tales and Scales Exhibit

List of Recycling and Reuse Exhibits and Activities:

  • R&W
  • Collection of used eyeglasses and used cell phones
  • NIH Charities: Pull Tabs for Charity
  • NIH Recycling Program
  • Montgomery County Recycling Program
  • Collection of non-accountable electronics, aka "Techno Trash:" keyboards, mice, speakers, power cords, CDs, etc

Bring your own lunch or purchase food from the following food trucks:

  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Chik-fil-A
  • Ledo Pizza
  • LA Taco

 Exhibits and Activities:

  • Dogwood Seedlings Give-Away
  • Learn about hawks and owls from Scales and Tales
  • The National Aquariumin Baltimore
  • Take a Nature Walk of the NIH Stream 11:00am and 1:00pm
  • The Nature Conservancy.  Information on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  • The NIH Green Features Sustainability Map
  • KP the NIH Federal Credit Union Mascot Dog will be on hand.
  • NIH Fleet Management
  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Take the Green Pledge and hang it on the pledge tree
  • NIH Bicycle Commuters Club.  Don't forget Bike to Work Day on May 15th
  • Sustainable Food exhibits from Eurest
  • See if you can power our music using the NIH bike and your legs to generate energy.
  • See chicks, ducklings, and goats.  Learn about the importance of supporting local farms, home gardening, eating organic foods, and the benefits of backyard chickens.
 Want to get involved in greening NIH? Contact your IC Green Teams.