2022 NIH Freezer Challenge 

Improve the reliability of your freezers, reduce electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gases by participating in the 2022 freezer challenge.

The 2022 freezer challenge will be held from January 1 to May 1 of 2022. 

Freezer Challenge Sign-Up

Sign up for the 2022 freezer challenge, at the link above, to take part in the challenge and receive challenge notifications.

NIH Freezer Challenge Guide

The NIH Freezer Challenge Guide, link above, details how labs can participate, provides contacts for questions and includes resources that are available to challenge participants.

Freezer Challenge Teams Site

Connect with other participants in the Freezer Challenge Teams Site, link above, to share experiences, ask questions and get help with completing freezer challenge initiatives.

The International Freezer Challenge

The NIH Freezer Challenge is modeled after the International Freezer Challenge, run by the non-profit organizations My Green Lab and the International Institutes of Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). The International Freezer Challenge is an annual competition where labs compete to see who can reduce the most energy consumed by the freezers in their labs. The NIH won the 2020 International Freezer Challenge in the government organization category. Additionally, the NCI Laboratory of Cell Biology won the 2020 International Freezer Challenge in the individual government laboratory category. Help us win again by participating in the 2022 freezer challenge.