NIH Bethesda Campus Energy and Water Usage 
Lighting accounts for nearly 20% of the total electricity consumption of commercial buildings in the United States.  Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems account for an average of 30% of a facility’s energy use.  HVAC are responsible for providing thermal comfort and fresh air to building occupants.
NIH Bethesda Campus Electricity Usage Graph 
*The valves are not exact and may contain errors.
Domestic Water
Water use can be significant in laboratory spaces and there is ample opportunity for reduction. Water-using lab equipment includes steam sterilizers, water purification, vacuum pumps, glassware washers, and vivarium equipment. Simple low-cost operational changes can be made to save water as well as high-efficiency equipment replacement options.
NIH Bethesda Campus Domestic Water Usage 
*The valves are not exact and may contain errors.