User Level ULT Freezer Maintenance Video

The NIH Division of Scientific and Instrumentation Services (DSEIS) will perform preventative maintenances on ULT freezers.  Check out DSEIS webpage for more information and contacts. 

ULT Freezer Maintenance Checklist:

1.     Check external components of the unit:

    1. Check temperature settings and actual temperature reading on display. Note discrepancies.
    2. Clean condenser area and condenser coil, either by brushing, vacuuming, or chemically cleaning as needed.
    3. Clean or replace filter.
    4. Check power cord and receptacles. Note deficiencies.
    5. Inspect electrical wiring, components and connections for signs of wear or overheating. Note deficiencies.
    6. Check operation of components. Note deficiencies.
    7. Investigate whether seal functions properly. Note deficiencies.

2.     If authorization to open laboratory refrigeration unit is provided during scheduled maintenance, then perform the following:

    1. Inspect hardware and gaskets. Note deficiencies.
    2. Remove ice from gaskets and clean floor after removing ice.
    3. Note the need for users to defrost freezers if ice buildup is evident.
    4. Inspect evaporator coils for damage, obstructions, and cleanliness. Note deficiencies.
    5. Inspect fan grills and evaporator pan for cleanliness. Note deficiencies.
    6. Inspect lighting. Note deficiencies.

2.     If refrigeration cabinet is empty, then perform the following:

    1. Pull and clean evaporator fan shroud and clean fan grills and evaporator pan.
    2. Clean evaporator coil.
    3. Investigate why freezer is empty and tag for follow up.