The National Cancer Institute Green Team

It takes all of us to help NCI operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. The NCI Green Team is here to help. Join us!

Make a difference by....


Turn off computers, monitors, room lights, and bench lights at the end of the day.


Go paperless. 

    • Subscribe to electronic newsletters rather than paper versions.
    • If you run meetings, send the agenda and other handouts electronically ahead of time. Tell attendees that paper copies will not be available.

Take the stairs, instead of the elevator.

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Bike, walk, take transit, or carpool instead of driving alone every day. Trading even a day or two of driving for one of these options can make a difference. The following resources can you help plan:


Shop the NCI PropShop for free gently used office furniture, office equipment, and scientific equipment.

Swap unwanted property on NIH Free Stuff.

Take your own bags to the grocery store.

Bring your lunch in a reusable lunch bag.

Wrap your sandwiches in reusable sandwich bags.

Bring your own mug to the cafeteria and coffee shop.  You might even get a discount for doing so.


Learn the specifics of recycling in your work place. Then, do it! For more information:

Save items for America Recycles Day in November and Earth Day in April. Check back for details.


When thinning out your garden, swap plants with a neighbor or friend, rather than throwing away.

Compost yard trimmings and food waste, then use as a fertilizer.


Choose products made from recycled ingredients.

Buy government approved recycled products. For more information visit the Green Purchasing site. 

Submit your Green ideas

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How Green are you?

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Green Team Leads:

Joan Becker


Lorna Patrick


Melissa Porter