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Being green is an element of a socially responsible organization.  Good stewardship of the NIH environmental and monetary resources fulfills part of our responsibility to the NIH community and the American public.  Environmental Stewardship is also required by Executive Order 13834.  The Office of Research Facilities (ORF) and Office of Research Services (ORS) strongly endorses the idea of being environmentally responsible.  As part of our commitment to meeting these responsibilities, the ORF and ORS have established the ORF/ORS Green Team which is made up of ORF and ORS staff from all levels of the organization.  Their charge is to assist the ORF and ORS in becoming a proactive and environmentally friendly organization.


The NIH Bethesda Campus consumes over 20 million killowat hours of electricity every month, costing the NIH over 2 million dollars.  There are a lot of ways that everyone can help reduce electricity.  One of the best ways is just to ensure that lights are turned off before leaving for the day and turning off whatever equipment is able.  For more ways to reduce electricty, check out the ORF-ORS Tips to Reduce Electricity and review the tips for staying Green in the December 2019 NIH GreenZone Newsletter.

2020 Earth Day Pledges

Follow the link above to see the 2020 Earth Day Pledges that were submitted via the online Earth Day Pledge Tree.


Currently only about 10% of the recyclables from the NIH cafeterias can actually be recylcled due to contamination from food or materials that should not be placed in comingled bins.  Common contaminants are compostable utensils, unwashed food containers, plastic bags and paper products like napkins and tissues.  The ORF/ORS Green Team is working to spread awareness to help the NIH Recycle Right to increase the recyling rate in the cafeterias.  Check out the ORF/ORS Green Team's Recycle Right Video at the link above to learn more about proper recycling at the cafeterias on the NIH Bethesda Campus.



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           Members                                Lucy Aistis                                      Melissa Corbitt

                                                                Jaroslav Sebek


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