EMS at NIAID at Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Montana

The Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) Environmental Management System, referred to as REMS, is a commitment to compliance with all Federal, State and local environmental laws and regulations, pollution prevention and continual effort to improve environmental performance.

The REMS consists of numerous individual Environmental Management Programs that focus on significant environmental issues related to RML operations. Employees who are interested or associated with the environmental aspects at RML can join workgroups that will meet regularly to develop strategies to review RML activities, controls, monitoring and opportunities to minimize impacts of the environmental issues.

The REMS Environmental Management Programs include:

  • Air Emissions
  • Natural Resource Use
  • Noise & Light
  • Wastewater Discharge
  • Construction & Renovation Management
  • General Waste
  • Chemical Waste Management
  • Medical Pathological (Biohazardous) Waste
  • Radioactive Waste Management
  • Multi-hazardous Waste
  • Accidental Releases & Spills
  • Tank Management

For more information regarding REMS, please
contact Barri Twardoski at (406) 363 9216​​