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Welcome to the 2022 NIH Green Labs Fair!

The NIH Green Labs Fair is an annual event that showcases products and techniques that could be used by labs at the NIH to reduce their impact on the environment. This year's event will be held virtually on October 27th, 2022 from 12-1pm. ​​Add the live session to your calendar by clicking here! ​This session will include a few small presentations about NIH programs that enable and encourage labs to incorporate green practices into their daily routines. There will also be a Question and Answer session for all manor of green lab topics. Are you wondering how a specific waste should be disposed? Would you like to hear what other labs at NIH and around the world are doing to become more sustainable? Do you want to find new and sustainable products to fit your lab activities? Questions like these and much more will be asked during the live session! This session will occur during the typical bi-monthly meeting time for the Sustainable Lab Practices Working Group, which is at the very forefront of green labs at the NIH. Please consider joining this group by emailing if you are interested in making labs at the NIH more sustainable! Information about a wide variety of green products can be found in the table below. We will be adding information up to the week of the event, so check back often for the latest additions!​​​

Learn about green products here! 

More information on the advantages of these green products can be found here​.

Vendor​ ​Green Products​



​- The I.DOT is a tip-less, non-contact dispenser that reduces plastic waste
- The C.WASH is a tip-less, non-contact plate washer that eliminates all plastic waste from pipette tips



​- SafeGLO Safe DNA Dye (safer alternative to ethidium bromide)
- Centrifuge tubes with new sizes to decrease plastic waste



​​- Jess Automated Western Blot System
Ella Automated Immunoassay System

Maximize sample, minimize consumable waste with a variety of immunoassay technologies including multiplexing and automation of your protein analysis.

Our technology development is changing many traditional laboratory processes leading to significant improvements in results while delivering substantial waste reduction for our customers. An example is the novel approach to automate Western Blotting using the revolutionary WES platform which reduces waste by over 99%!

​Cell Signaling Technology


​- Green packaging methods like biodegradable cardboard coolers and packaging materials made from post-consumer paper.



​- CellXpert® C170i Cell Culture Incubator
Various Liquid Handling (Pipetting) Instruments
Eppendorf Centrifuges

Government Scientific Source


​- Stirling Ultracold Energy Star certified freezers
Thermo Fisher TSX Series High-Performance Refrigerators
Eppendorf Sustainable Centrifuges

​Imgen & DeNovix


- Imgen Green Products​

Worthington Enzymes - all kits use recyclable cardboard boxes. ZERO plastics!
HistoClear - all-natural clearing agent that eliminates xylene for histology
CellDrop - count cells without using plastic slides



​- Odyssey M Imaging System
Odyssey DLx Imaging System
Pearl Trilogy Imaging System

​NIH Supply Center

NIH Supply Center Brand Image.png

​- Notebook w/ Environmentally Friendly Natural Stone Paper
Stapler with 30% Recycled Content
Biodegradable O-Ring Binder

Customer Service Contact Information:
1-833-3 ONE NIH (1-833-366-3644)

​PHC Corporation


​Energy-Star Freezers:
26 cu. ft. VIP ECONatural Refrigerant -86°C Freezer
24.4 cu.ft.High-Performance Biomedical Freezer
24.2 cu. ft. Upright Pharmacy Refrigerator



​- Polycarbin provides scientists with a closed-loop solution for laboratory plastics. As a recycler and product re-manufacturer, Polycarbin turns the plastic waste of today into the laboratory products of tomorrow. Whether you find yourself at the lab benchtop or at the heart of operations, Polycarbin invites you to take part in the life science innovation ecosystem of the future.
E-commerce storefront for Poycarbin products
Product catalogue (w/ discount codes for NIH)



​- ONE-Glo EX Luciferase Assay System that creates less waste, conserves energy, and is less hazardous.
Maxwell HT 96 gDNA Blood Isolation System
ReliaPrep Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System



​- TerraRack Tips - 100% recyclable tip racks that use 41% less plastic than conventional racks.
- Pipette Trade-Up Program - old pipettes are recycled or parts are reused. Contact your rep for more info!
- Mail-in Pipette Service - plants a tree every time a service kit is returned. Register and order on ShopRainin!

​Sophion BioScience

SophionBioscience_logo (2).jpg

​- QPatch II is an automated patch-clamp system for drug discovery, safety/toxicology testing, and basic research.
- QPatch II features reusable titanium-coated pipettes, minimal plastic use, and low power consumption.

​Stirling Ultracold


​Energy Star-certified ULT freezer:
Upright ULT Freezer (SU780XLE)

Compact and energy-efficient ULT freezers:
Undercounter ULT Freezer (SU105UE)
Portable ULT Freezer (ULT25NEU)

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Laboratory Products Division - lab equipment & consumables

Thermo Fisher Logo.JPG


​​- Biological Safety Cabinets with DC motors to decrease energy use and increase motor life​

VIOS Incubators that are durable, reliable, and recyclable
Multidrop Combi offers reliable dispensing and reduces the need for pipette tips
E-Gel SYBR Safe gels (less hazardous product)
- Click-iT and Click-iT DIBO detection and labeling reagents (less hazardous product)
Gibco BenchStableCell Culture Media​ (sustainable packaging)
Sustainability Program

* The NIH does not endorse any of these products.

We hope that everyone discovers a new green product for their lab! The Green Labs Fair was first created over a decade ago by a few dedicated NIH researchers that were members of the Sustainable Laboratory Practices Working Group. The founding members are: Minoo Shakoury-Elizah, Daman Kumari, Jean Tiong-Kohler and Barbara Zwiesler. The Green Labs Fair is also supported by the NIH Office of Research Facilities, Division of Environmental Protection. If you are interested in past Green Lab Fairs, please use these links below to explore some green product brochures from those events:

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2017 NIH Green Labs Fair

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2019 NIH Green Labs Fair

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