Porter Neuroscience Research Center II​

Sustainability Achievements​
  • Achieve LEED Gold certification and also achieve Green Globe 3Globe certification.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 30% below the ASHRAE standard
  • All building utilities, electricity, water, steam, chilled water, will be metered
  • Install Energy Star rated equipment where possible
  • Utilizes Photovoltaic technology
  • Utilizes LED lighting  for exterior and task lighting
  • Utilizes automatic dimming controls, daylight sensors, occupancy sensors and provides manual lighting controls and appropriate glare controls
  • Incorporates chilled beam HVAC technologies
  • Incorporates geothermal heating and cooling through the use of  ground source heat pumps
  • At least 2.5% of the building total energy use will be from renewable sources
  • Reduce water use by 30% below current codes
  • Eliminate domestic water use for irrigation through xeriscaping
  • Install low flow, WaterSense Labeled plumbing fixtures, low flow toilets, low flow urinals, faucet aerators, and low flow motion-sensing lavatory fixtures
  • Increase outdoor air ventilation rates 30% above ASHRAE minimum
  • Building systems and equipment will be commissioned by an independent third party commissioning team
  • Eliminates the use of volatile organic compounds and ozone depleting substances
  • Approximately 20% of the total value of the materials used in the project, based on cost, will include recycled content material
  • Wood used in the project will come from certified sources
  • Project will recycle more than 75% of its construction waste
  • Will incorporate  Green Roofs at roof-top overhangsEncourages the use of alternative transportation by providing bicycle storage and changing rooms/showers​
Rendering of PNRC​

Fig.11- Rendering of PNRC​

Porter Building Bethesda Location
Fig. 12 Location-Bethesda​