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NIH Earth Day 2022

​All NIH Staff are invited to join the 2022 NIH Earth Day! Most NIH Earth Day activities will be conducted virtually again this year. The full details for these activities are listed below. Although the activities are listed by campus, please note that many activities are open to all NIH staff, regardless of your "home" campus. Additional details for Earth Day may be added as they become finalized, so please check back regularly for updated con​tent. Please contact Josh Haines with any questions regarding Earth Day activities.

Bethesda Campus

Add the NIH Earth Day activities for the Bethesda campus to your Outlook calendar using this .ics invite:

Add Earth Day to Your Calendar

The Earth Day activities for the Bethesda campus will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams on April 28. Earth Day activities are split between kids’ activities (in conjunction with the NIH Take Your Child to Work Day) and staff activities. All activities share the theme “Think Global, Act Local.”​

The easiest way to join any Earth Day virtual activity is to click the meeting link in the activity title below or in the meeting invite. There may be additional information about the activity available in the Earth Day Microsoft Teams group (more information about joining the group can be found here​):

Here are the activities available on April 28 (with the times listed in the descriptions):​

Kids Activities:
  • Wear It Wild with Your Favorite Animals​ – 10am to 11am – Learn about biodiversity and the environment while wearing clothes that feature your favorite animal! We want to see you wear it. Brave it. Rock it. Nail it. Boss it. Strut it. We want to see you work it. Because if we’re going to save our world, we need to be fiercer, braver, and louder than we’ve ever been. So, no matter how you Wear it Wild, get fierce for your world. This session will include a drawing activity (please have paper and coloring utensils ready!), fun animal facts and more!
  • Animals from Around the World to My Backyard​ – 11am to 12pm – Learn about the ways we impact the lives of animals, both locally and around the world. Our living, breathing animal ambassadors with help to make the learning even more fun! Topics of discussion will include habitat loss, ways we can protect our local ecosystem, native animals, and exotic animals.
  • Play the Environmental Quiz Show​ – 12pm to 1pm – Play a Jeopardy-style quiz game while learning about many environmental topics. The quiz questions will vary in difficulty to make the game suitable for students in grades 1-5.
  • Let's Go Inside a Honey Bee Hive​ – 12pm to 1pm – Did you know honey bees have 5 eyes and most only live for 45 days? That all the bees you see on flowers are female bees? Let’s take a look inside a bee hive and learn about life as a member of the colony.
  • Seeds for Thought for Sustainable Eating and Composting with Jeremy Wormy​ – 1pm to 2pm – Join NICHD for Earth Day! Participate in a guided seed planting activity. Mint and vegetable seeds will be available on April 28 from 9-11am near Building 10 (South entrance). There will also be discussion of composting and recipes that promote sustainable eating.
  • Rough-skinned Reptiles & the Environment​ – 2pm to 3pm – Reptiles of all shapes and sizes live all around us! See these animals live to learn about how they live, how they fit into the local ecosystem, and how they are affected by the changing environment. Reptiles need our help with protecting the environment!

Staff Activities:
  • Modern Climate Change: A Symptom of a Cataclysmic Single-Species Energy Pulse​ – Dr. Hans-Peter Plag – 10am to 11am – Explore the syndrome of modern global change and the root cause for the current climate crisis.
  • Consider Your Cold Storage for a Greener Lab​ – Christina Greever – 12pm to 1pm – Explore how to make your laboratory cold storage more efficient for improved sustainability. Since cold storage is ubiquitous in the lab setting, a few changes can make an outsized positive impact.
  • Aiming for Zero Waste in Montgomery County: Legislative Update & How to Recycle Right​ – Sharon D’Emidio – 1pm to 2pm – Join Sharon D’Emidio from the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection to learn about the waste management practices used in Montgomery County, Maryland.​​
  • Alternative Transportation Methods for the Bethesda Campus​ – Michelle Mejia, DATS – 2pm to 3pm – Join representatives from the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS) to learn about alternatives to single occupancy vehicle commuting to the Bethesda campus. Alternatives include Transhare, satellite parking, shuttles, biking and more!
  • Reducing Anxiety with Nature and Gardening – ​Dr. ​Rachel Rosenberg Gold​stein –​ 2pm to 3pm – Mental health and food insecurity are two of the greatest public health challenges facing our nation. Gardening provides access to fresh, healthy produce and can also improve one's mental health. Healthy Garden, Healthy You, a project led by University of Maryland School of Public Health and University of Maryland Extension faculty, combines health information with gardening tools for community members in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County Maryland. Our presentation will highlight Dr. Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein's research findings on the mental health benefits of gardening and Mr. Jon Traunfeld will share spring gardening tips.​

Other Bethesda Activities:
  • Seedling Giveaway – April 22 – Building 10 & 45 –​ 9am; First Come, First Served – 150 Black Cherry and 150 Eastern Redbud seedlings will be available on the Bethesda campus for staff to come take one. Numbers are limited, so they will only be available on a first come, first served basis. Please only take 1 seedling per person!

  • NIH Virtual Stream Walk - Visit the Stream Walk page to join this pre-recorded, guided tour.

  • ORF/ORS Green Team Pledge Tree - Make a pledge to protect the Earth this Earth Day!​

  • HHS Kids' Earth Day Poster Contest - Observe the creative submissions from the children of NIH staff for the 2022 Earth Day Poster Contest! These submissions have a theme of "Be a Green Guardian." All NIH poster submissions can be viewed here.

​Research Triangle Park Campus (RTP)

NIEHS on the RTP campus in North Carolina will host a pair of virtual seminars. Here are the details on each of the seminars:

  • ​​On April 19, 11am to 12pm - NIEHS will host naturalist Pete Schubert who will discuss the importance of native plants.
  • On April 21, 1pm to 2pm - NIEHS will host Jennifer Shaltanis, Ph.D. and Wendi Fleener from Duke Energy to discuss how this company is partnering with federal clients to conduct large sustainability projects through Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESC), and to learn about Duke Energy's opportunities for residential solar.

Bayview Campus

The Bayview campus in Baltimore, Maryland will host a recycling collection on April 22, 2022. The collection will be open from 10am to 2pm in the Biomedical Research Center (BRC). Accepted items include:

  • Standard office recyclables (paper, bottles, etc.)
  • Non-accountable office equipment (computer mice, keyboards, etc.)
  • Batteries
  • Cell Phones

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