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Radioactive Waste

* Please note there have been temporary changes to the waste management services on the Bethesda ​campus. Click here to view the full details of the changes.

NIH Waste Disposal Guide 2014

Radioactive waste is any waste that contains or is contaminated with radioactive material. Radioactive waste is generated at the NIH Bethesda campus through experiments and treatment protocols.  Radioactive wastes generated at NIH include aqueous radioactive solutions, liquid scintillation fluids and vials, and materials contaminated with radioactive material (e.g., animal and patient wastes).  The Radioactive Waste Service has been established to provide waste containers and labels and facilitate radioactive waste collection services throughout the campus.  Radioactive wastes are treated onsite, if possible, or sent offsite for treatment and disposal.

For guidance on the proper management of radioactive wastes, see Radioactive Waste Management Procedures.

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