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National Human Genome Research Institute

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) supports the development of resources and technology that will accelerate genome research and its application to human health.  As a critical element in addressing human health, NHGRI fully supports greening initiatives and the implementation of environmental measures that  benefit our employees and society.

NHGRI Green Team Lead

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Going Green at NHGRI

NHGRI Environmental Goals

  • To minimize the generation of unnecessary waste

  • To maximize recycling

  • To utilize recycled materials

NHGRI Accomplishments

  • Ensured that all NHGRI printers now use recycled paper and are set to double sided printing as a default

  • Participated in the “Turn out the Lights” campaign

  • Developed Green Lab Fairs Concept and hosted NHGRI Greening Fair

  • Participated in America Recycles Day

  • Hosted Green Activity for Take Your Child to Work Day

  • Completed Go Greener office and lab challenges and followed up with improved practices

  • Implemented use of Blue Bin Recycling in offices and laboratories

  • Participated in freezer buy back initiative to reduce energy consumption on campus

  • Involved lab manager, safety team, and office staff in greening initiatives

  • Educated employees on greening during NHGRI retreat

  • Increased toner cartridge recycling

  • Promoted NIH Freestuff website for recycling items between laboratories and offices

  • Participated in NIH Paper-Free day

  • Increased telework participation

  • Participated in “Power IT Down” Day

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