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America Recycles Celebration
NIDA Green Team will be collecting fluorescent light bulbs (straight tubes, U-shape tubes, and compact fluorescent) and batteries (lead-acid, alkaline, lithium batteries, and rechargeable) on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the NSC throughout the month of November.



NIDA’s Green Team was organized in conjunction with other ICs and offices under the NIH Environmental Management System (NEMS) to assess NIDA’s environmental performance and inform employees of ways to “green” their daily activities. The following is a list of NIH’s Environmental Goals (as of April 2009).

  1.  Improve energy management to reduce energy intensity 50% over the 2003 baseline by 2020.

  2.  Improve recycling and green procurement to achieve zero waste by 2020 (Zero waste is defined as diverting > 90% of the solid wastes generated from landfill and incineration.)

  3. Reduce NIH’s carbon footprint by becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

  4. Require all electronic office products purchased minimally meet the EPA Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) gold standard or latest replacement by 2020.

  5. All NIH and contractor vehicles powered by non-carbon based fuel and exceed toughest US emission standard by 2020.

  6. Require all new construction and renovations to meet the US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum standard or better by 2020.

  7. Require 75% of all product purchases to use take back or minimal packaging by 2020.

  8. Reduce toxic chemical use by 50% at all NIH facilities by 2020, developing and employing less toxic alternatives for standard research protocols.

  9. By 2020, improve local environmental quality through efficient landscaping and land management practices that reduce erosion concerns and release at all NIH sites.


NIDA Green Team Meetings

Meeting Dates and Times

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Go Greener Office Challenge Assessment Results 

The Go Greener Office Challenge (GGOC) assessment is a physical survey of NIDA’s activities where we can increase our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. Below is a table of our results for the semi-annual assessments conducted during the fiscal year.


General Resources
American Recycle’s Day 
 - Nationally recognized day and organization to promote the purchase of recycled goods and recycling of acceptable products.

NIH Information

Residential Recycling Information


Residential Energy Conservation Information

  • Energy Hog  - Learn how to improve energy efficiency at home


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