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NIH Green Labs Program

Complete the 2022 Self-Assessment form by November 30, 2022 to participate in the 2022 GLP!​ To access theA tree growing in a beaker with branches made from the text of all 27 NIH Institues and Centers
​self-assessment form, please log in to the NIH Network/VPN with your login credentials and secure your responses.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) developed the Green Labs Program (GLP), to increase the awareness and participation of laboratory personnel in sustainable laboratory practices, with the goal of protecting the environment and human health.

The NIH GLP is an initiative of the Sustainability Management Team to recognize laboratories who choose to reduce their environmental footprint by participating in NIH environmental initiatives. 

The development of the program was a one-of-a-kind, collaborative initiative, which brought together NIH Environmental Management Program (EMP) Leads and Lab Managers to lay the groundwork in developing the GLP self-assessment form. 

The program attempts to make it easier for researchers to learn about environmental stewardship by providing one source of information about relevant programs, policies, regulations, and mandates within the GLP self-assessment form. Any NIH staff representing a laboratory can assess their labs commitment towards incorporating environmental initiatives in the following categories:

  • Energy Conservation

  • Freezer Management

  • Water Conservation

  • Chemical Waste

  • Medical Pathological

  • Radioactive Waste

  • Waste reduction

  • Recycling

  • Green Chemistry

  • Inventory Management

  • Outreach

To learn about a specific year's GLP, please click on the links below:






For additional information, please contact the Green Labs Program Manager,

A note of appreciation: The NIH Green Labs Program is adapted from My Green Lab, a non-profit organization that has collaborated with many universities in California including UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Francisco, and UC Los Angeles, to develop a Green Lab assessment tool.  The NIH Green Labs Program was developed to fit the circumstances and priorities of NIH laboratories.​

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