NEMS Teams - Sustainable Laboratory Practices Working Group

The Sustainable Laboratory Practices Working Group examines laboratory activities and is tasked with developing procedures and tools on how to “green” those activities. This includes developing guidance, tools, best management practices and identifying new opportunities for greening laboratory activities at NIH. The working group has recently focused on developing tools aimed at waste reduction, minimizing the use of toxic materials, energy use, and other sustainability issues.

The Sustainable Lab Practices Working Group leads the effort to green NIH laboratories, engaging staff from ORS and ORF and the NIH research communities. The working group meets on a bimonthly basis to identify and set objectives and develop realistic and reliable sustainability procedures for greening NIH laboratories. If you are interested in joining the Sustainable Lab Practices Working group, or would like additional information, please contact Bani Bhattacharya, NEMS Program Manager.

To learn more about Sustainable Laboratory Practices Working Group initiatives, click here.