Greening Your NIH Institution or Center A How-To Guide

Greening Your NIH Institute or Center: A How-To Guideis a step-by-step workbook used to identify and implement business practices that will improve the environmental performance and minimize costs of an Institute or Center (IC). This tool guides Green Teams through the greening process. Green Teams are encouraged to use this systematic approach to examine activities/business practices occurring within their IC and develop tools to "green" those activities. This includes developing guidance, tools, outreach programs, and best management practices as well as identifying new opportunities to become more sustainable.
Greening Your NIH Institute or Center: A How-To Guide(full version)PDF icon

(It is recommended that you print this document double-sided, flipping on the long or top edge.)
Step 1: Obtaining Management CommitmentWord icon
Step 2: Communicating Management’s Commitment Word icon
Step 3: Forming a Green Team Word icon
Step 4: Preparing for the Green Team Kick-Off Word icon
Step 5: Identifying How Our Work Impacts the Environment Word icon
Step 6: Go Greener Challenges Word icon
Step 7: Setting Objectives Word icon
Step 8: Identifying Performance Measures and Baselines Word icon
Step 9: Changing How We Do Things Word icon
Step 10: Drafting a Green Policy Word icon
Step 11: Communicating Our Efforts Word icon
Step 12: Tracking Our Progress Word icon
Step 13: Reporting Back To Management Word icon
Step 14: Improving Our Efforts​​ Word icon

Beyond Cycle 1 Worksheets (coming soon!)

Appendix A: Executive Order 13423, “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management” Word icon
Appendix B:Email Template for Communicating Management’s Commitment​ Word icon
Appendix C: Suggested Monthly Meeting Objectives PDF icon
Appendix D: Agenda Kick-off Meeting Template Word icon
Appendix E: NIH Environmental Goals PDF icon
Appendix F: Executive Order 13423 Sustainability Practice AreasPDF icon
Appendix G:Potential Performance Measures from the Go Greener Challenges PDF icon
Appendix H: Green Policy Template Word icon
Appendix I: Greening Sheet Template​  Word icon