Building 10 F Wing Renovation, Phases A, B1 & B2​

Sustainability Achievements

Achieve a certification level of LEED Certified

Reduce energy consumption by 20% below the pre-renovation levels per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007
  • Incorporates chilled beam HVAC technologies
  • Install Energy Star rated equipment where possible
  • Incorporates the use of HVAC energy recovery systems
  • Utilizes LED lighting
Utilizes automatic dimming controls, daylight sensors, occupancy sensors and energy efficient T5 lamps
Improved/increased insulation systems on exterior walls
  • New windows or addition of storm panels and solar shading devices
Reduce water use by 30% below current codes
  • Install low flow, WaterSense Labeled plumbing fixtures, low flow toilets, low flow urinals, faucet aerators, and low flow motion-sensing lavatory fixtures 

Increase outdoor air ventilation rates 30% above ASHRAE minimum

Building systems and equipment will be commissioned by an independent third party commissioning team

Eliminates the use of volatile organic compounds and ozone depleting substances

To the greatest extent possible, materials used in the project will include recycled content material, bio-based material and material from rapidly renewable sources

Wood used in the project will come from certified sources

Project will recycle more than 75% of its construction waste

Encourages the use of alternative transportation by providing bicycle storage and changing rooms

Fig. 13- Building 10
Fig. 13- Building 10.jpg

Fig. 14- Location Bethesda
Building 10 Bethesda location.jpg