Sustainable Buildings at NIH​
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Fig. B1 - National Institutes of Health
 Porter Neuroscience Research Center, Phase II Rendering
 The National Institutes of Health is committed to integrating the practice of sustainable building design and construction to all its facilities.  In addition to meeting the Federal mandates and regulations set upon Federal Agencies, this commitment reestablishes the underlying mission of NIH.

Green or sustainable building is the practice of designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, and removing buildings in ways that conserve natural resources, reduce energy and water consumption, improved the health of occupants and minimize pollution.  


With this in mind, the NIH has established a sustainable building program across all if its’ campuses to guide NIH’s practices toward sustainability through the management of building design, construction, renovation, procurement, landscape, energy, water, waste, emissions, transportation, human health, and productivity.

As the NIH plans its future growth, these considerations should support planning decisions that reflect a balance of economic, environmental, and socially responsible values.​

National Institutes of Health Building 01
Fig. B2 - National Institutes of Health Building 01

Sustainable Building NIH Current Projects

Porter Neuroscience Research Center II   


Building 3 Renovations   

 NIH and HHS Sustainability Guides and Resources


 HHS Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

 HHS Sustainable Buildings Implementation Plan HHS Policy for Sustainable and High Performance Buildings

 NIH Office Fit-Out Guidelines


Technology Matrix : NIH implements many strategies for conserving energy and water.  As new technologies are developed we consider whether they can be incorporated at NIH.  This spreadsheet provides information on the economics of many technologies in use or evaluated for use at NIH.

Federal Mandate & Regulations

 Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005)

 Executive Order 13423

 Energy Independence and Security Act2007 (EISA 2007)

 Executive Order 13514

More Information on Sustainability


Energy Star for New Building Design


Green Building Initiative; Green Globes


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U. S. Green Building Council: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Whole Building Design Guide​