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The 4 Rs

Use the "Recycling and Sort Refresher" presentation for your staff meetings and Green Team meetings: Recycling and Sort Refresher.pptx

Recycling Requirements

Executive Order 14057: Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Federal Sustainability​

Under Executive Order 14057, each federal agency shall minimize waste, including the generation of wastes requiring treatment and disposal; advance pollution prevention; support markets for recycled products; and promote a transition to a circular economy by annually diverting from landfills at least 50 percent of non-hazardous solid waste, including food and compostable material, and construction and demolition waste and debris by fiscal year 2025; and 75 percent by fiscal year 2030.

View the NIH Waste Disposal Guide for additional information and contacts.

Mandatory Recyclables

No hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, infectious substances or medical waste go into the recycling stream!

Additional Recyclables (click here for more details)

Soft Plastic Film

Pipette Tip Racks
Construction Debris
Scrap Metal
Wooden Pallets
Toner Cartridges
Yard Waste
Electronics & Furniture​

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who do I contact if the recycle bin is overflowing or a pickup is needed?
Answer: Call ESI at 301-402-6349 or email to submit your pickup request.

Question: What if an occupant wants to place the recycling bins outside in the hallway to help minimize risk? 
Answer: This is acceptable. Please note that the occupant must provide the exact location where the recycling bins are located. Please submit your location by calling ESI at 301-402-6349 or email Mansi Mehta at


Question: What is the scheduled time for recyclables to be removed once a pickup request is placed?
Answer: Typically, the pickup time frame is 24 hours once the occupant submits the request.


Question: Who do I contact if I have procedural questions regarding changes in service?
Answer: Please contact ESI at 301-402-6349 or email Mansi Mehta at

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