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The NIH Clinical Center (CC) is committed to providing the optimal healing environment for its patients and its community. Part of that commitment involves supporting a healthy environment through the hospital greening initiatives spearheaded by the CC Green Team.


These initiatives enhance environmental safety and health for our patients and their families. They also contribute to the CC’s mission to support public health through future environmental sustainability.

If you are interested in joining the Clinical Center Green Team, please contact:
Green Team Acting Lead:
David Rice, Clinical Center

​2024 Events:

Earth Day & Bring Your Child To Work Day: Thursday April 25, 2024


Greening Your Lab or Office


  • General Tools for greening your Institute or Center
  • Waste Management Tools
  • Sustainability Tools
  • Mindful Printing

NEMS Awareness Training

The NEMS awareness training which all NIH employees are encouraged to take, is designed to briefly inform employees of their roles and responsibilities within the NEMS. This training reviews the NIH Environmental Policy, describes how the NEMS works, and discusses ways to reduce your impact on the environment.

Contact NEMS

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