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Office of Research Facilities/ Office of Research Services


Being green is an element of a socially responsible organization.  Good stewardship of the NIH environmental and monetary resources fulfills part of our responsibility to the NIH community and the American public.  Environmental Stewardship is also required by Executive Orders, including EO 14008,​​ ​EO 14057 and Regulations. The Office of Research Facilities (ORF) and Office of Research Services (ORS) strongly endorses the idea of being environmentally responsible.  As part of our commitment to meeting these responsibilities, the ORF and ORS have established the ORF/ORS Green Team which is made up of ORF and ORS staff from all levels of the organization.  Their charge is to assist the ORF and ORS in becoming a proactive and environmentally friendly organization.



           ORF/ORS Green Team          Acting ORF Team Chairs          ORS Team Chairs    

                                                                                                      Lucy Aistis                        The team is looking for a New ORS Chair

        Bryan Huynh​ ​​​​


Got an ORF/ORS "Green" Idea?

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ORF/ORS Educational and Training Proposed Initiatives Form

ORF/ORS Proposed Environmental Initiatives Form

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