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NIH ULT Maintenance

Please Watch this User Level ULT Freezer Maintenance Video!

ULT freezers are required to have a preventative maintenance every six months. Labs may hire a service company to complete the freezer maintenance or compelte the maintenance internally. Labs that choose to complete the maintenance internally are encouraged to watch the maintenance video at the link above and review the checklist below.

ULT Freezer Maintenance Checklist:

1.     Check external components of the unit:

  1. Check the temperature setting and compare to the temperature reading on the display. Note discrepancies.
  2. Check power cord and receptacles. Note deficiencies
  3. Clean or replace the condenser filter.
  4. Clean condenser fins/coil, either by vacuuming, brushing or washing with a cloth.​
  5. Inspect electrical wiring, components and connections for signs of wear or overheating. Note deficiencies.
  6. Ensure the door is closed properly. Note deficiencies.​

2.     If authorization to open laboratory refrigeration unit is provided during scheduled maintenance, then perform the following:

  1. Inspect gaskets. Note deficiencies.
  2. Remove ice from gaskets and clean floor after removing ice.
  3. Note the need for users to defrost freezers if ice buildup is evident.

3.     If refrigeration cabinet is empty, then perform the following:

  1. Investigate why freezer is empty and tag for follow up.

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