General Waste

NIH Waste Disposal Guide 2014

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General Waste is waste material free of any apparent or actual pathological/infectious, radioactive or hazardous chemical contamination. Please note that most General Waste can be recycled!

At the NIH Bethesda Campus, the Office of Research Facilities (ORF) Division of Property Management (DPM) is primarily responsible for the oversight of waste collection (janitorial) services. The Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) takes the lead in the promotion and implementation of waste recycling programs. NIH recycles various waste streams, including mixed paper, glass/metal/plastic (#1 through #7, Life Technologies Styrofoam), cardboard, yard waste, animal bedding and food waste (compost), and wood pallets. NIH buildings are varied and unique, factors such as available space for recycling containers, staff needs and interests are taken into account by DEP and IC Green Teams when making recycling tools available.

For more info on recycling at other NIH locations, please visit the recycling home page.

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