The Greening of NIH Laboratories

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There are many laboratory activities conducted at the NIH and to be compatible with our mission these activities must be conducted with the least amount of impact to human health and the environment.

The NEMS Sustainable Lab Practices Working Group is currently examining lab activities and developing procedures and tools on how to "green" those activities here at the NIH. As these procedures and tools are developed, they will be posted here for your reference.

If you are interested in joining the NEMS Sustainable Lab Practices Working Group, please email

The Go Greener Challenges can be used to baseline how “green” NIH activities and operations are while identifying opportunities for offices and labs to minimize their environmental impacts and become more sustainable. Evaluators are trained on how to use a specially designed evaluation form to baseline how environmentally-sound the activities are within a particular office or lab space and to use that data to provide a particular score or rating. This information can be used to identify how well an Institute or Center is conducting its activities and to help prioritize opportunities to improve.

If you are interested in conducting a Go Greener Challenge in your office or lab, please contact Bani Bhattacharya for training information and implementation assistance.

Go Greener Lab Challenge​ – Evaluation of NIH labs

Download the fact sheet on the Greening of NIH Laboratories
Greening of NIH Laboratories 
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