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Sustainable Labs

The Greening of NIH Laboratories

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We are calling all friends of the environment to come-and-learn how to green your labs! The Sustainable Laboratory Practices Working Group (SLPWG) works toward the goal of identifying and encouraging sustainability in the NIH laboratories. 

The SLPWG members have been champions in promoting environmental stewardship within the laboratory community for the past decade. The most commonly-known outreach event of the group is the Green Labs Fair, which is held alongside the NIH Research Festival. Recently, the SLPWG members collaborated with the NIH Environmental Program Leads to develop the NIH Green Labs Program.  

We, the SLPWG, are continuously looking for innovative ideas, suggestions, and collaborative efforts for improving and inculcating sustainable laboratory practices. As a team, we strive to encourage participation, address challenges, and listen to your ideas and recommendations for "greening" our labs.

Please email if you are interested in joining the NEMS Sustainable Laboratory Practices Working Group.

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